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Uber for Tow Trucks

Uber for Tow trucks app : How does is boost up your business?

Uber for Tow trucks app is expanding not just in its reach and scope but also in the range of offerings in the segment of transportation and other on-demand allied services. Uber for Tow Trucks app lets you connect with the Tow Trucking services for vehicle emergency and towing requirements.

To cope with the trends and grab new opportunities it is now necessary to have an app of your own in the domain of on-demand transportation services. So, if you are too looking to grab the fine opportunity and come up On-Demand Roadside Assistance app.

Main Features that are to be considered Before Building an uber for tow trucks app:

Live Geo Tracking: This is one of the essential features that go in an Uber-like tow truck app. Just like a taxi app, the user is able to see and track where the nearest tow truck is in real-time. This vitally helps in knowing the estimated time of arrival and planning events that precede and follow.

Accept or cancel Booking: There are times when you need to change your booking as you just have to renounce it because of the sudden situation. In such cases, this feature comes handy as it allows the user to cancel or change the booking accordingly.

Talk to your driver: Just when you booked for a tow truck you can connect with the driver to converse on details and get assured of the timely arrival or location help to reach on time. This can be done both with the help of in-app chat or by making a call to the driver’s service phone.

Review System: Provide the credibility and dependability factors of the driver or the service provided by looking at the ratings and reviews given by other users on various service and performance parameters. This helps get the best of the requirements and also appreciate the service provided.

Work History: It allows both the drivers and the customers to get instant service history updates particularly the service request proposals. This feature is meant to allow you to read through the details of request attended and users served in the past on the truckers’ profile page. With this, you can get assured if a provider has enough relevant experience and equipped to serve your needs well.

Driver availability toggle: There exists an ON/OFF switch in the tow truck application, by which the customers can get to know the availability status of the truckers.

Advanced analytics: It makes both the customers and the truckers aware of the complete informational statistics about the trucking services.

Responsive web panel

Our apps with perceptive web panel designs let your users to get satisfied with instant search results, rather than getting confused with hassles.

Referral earnings

The service providers can reward their valuable customers, who will make referrals by letting people try out their valuable services to expand their business operations/customer base.

Other important uber for tow trucks app features: An on Demand Towing App Development like uber needs to have all the features that comprehensively serve the user to have ranging digitized and good experience with the service. This includes a service scheduler, selecting sub-services and all communication and interface-based features that serve both driver and user to connect better with each other and the service effectively. Besides, it should have all the basic features for various payment options, multiple languages, and high adaptability.

Service provider app features

The app or interface aimed at service providers should include the following features:

  • A registration page: This page should allow providers to create accounts that include their business details including working hours.
  • Content management: A simple interface that allows providers to manage their timings, location, and trucks. For example, you can mention on area limit you work for and working orders accordingly. This page should allow easy editing to update their info as needed.
  • Order tracking: The staff should be able to see incoming orders and update order statuses. Tracking where orders are in the preparation process is important. Real-time updates on canceled services, completed services, and trucks out for service are also an important part of this feature.
  • Cross-interface communication capabilities: Notifying the booking status to customers and the truck drivers are necessary. Cross-interface communication is about updating the customer that a truck is on its way or even reached.

Driver app features

The app or interface aimed at drivers should include the following basic features:

  • A sign-up page: Provide a way to register for an account using a simple login/password or another form of authentication.
  • Order status: Show a list of available requests and details of each order (location, expected delivery time, additional information, etc.), along with pick-up and drop-off locations. Having real-time order tracking statuses (placed, accepted, in process, rejected, canceled, etc.) is important as well. Statuses are quickly sent via push notifications or similar services. Orders can be to sort through availability, distance, and should be able to easily book a truck they want to complete. 
  • Cross-interface communication capabilities: Updating the consumer and trucker in real-time about the status of an order is critical to a delivery driver. Once they’ve claimed a service through the booking feature, they should be able to update an order’s status. This helps the service provider to know they are on the way to pick it up or let the consumer know they are on the way to drop it off.

Driver app features

A simple, efficient, and attractive sign-up page is important for winning a customer’s loyalty. Your sign-up page should let a user create a new account using a login or sign up via a third-party service such as Facebook or Google for added convenience.

  • A profile/account page: Once a customer has created a new account in an online ordering system, they should be able to access their profile. This profile can include saved payment options for easy access, an order history along with the ability to book again.
  • Service provider/truck search: In either list or map format, a locator shows which truck customers can order from using the app. Some sort of search functionality by distance, time, or truck is necessary to help users filter through choices. Details of each price, special offers or promotions, and comments or user reviews should be easily accessible.
  • Order placement: The customer should be able to easily and quickly place their booking through the online ordering system. Customers can alter their requests if necessary. An order summary can also be presented before the customer completes payment so they can have a check on the charges. Being able to specify a particular time could also be an additional feature.
  • Payment processing: The towing app like uber holds various payment options including cards, e-payment apps, etc. Payment processing should be fast and secure, and your app should allow for instant transactions.


If you wish to upgrade your business to the next level there is no other option that could help you more than an app of your own. As a leading towing service app Development Company Shamla tech provides high customized On-Demand Tow Truck App solutions to be best suitable for your business. The apps here are completely built to be launched instantly. The developers assure you to provide the app with specialized uber like towing App features that will escalate your business in no time.

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