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Uber for Trucks App and Logistics App Benefits that will change your Business

The transportation and logistics business, which is one of the oldest industries all across the globe, has to go through a few changes to match up with the recent technology-based trends like launching an app. Although this service is generally associated with uber for trucks app and taxi services, there are numerous more divisions within it and the structure decides about how the profitability of this industry shall be.

Rolling back to the year 1998, trucking was rather a monotonous industry until the introduction of deregulation in the freight by-truck transportation business. In 2003 it exited the year as well-known as a start-up company, despite carrying only 50% of the total US private truckload (TL) market’s revenue. From 2003 to 2005, Trucking Industry recruited below 10% of its workforce from former truckers and 95% from People with not much qualification. Twelve years later in the year 2017, a survey shows that about 70% of those workers are 53 years old or older. The average turnover rate has increased from 20%-25% in 2005 to 35%-43%, almost double what it was twelve years ago. Trucking is an ever-growing business and through technology and capitalization change may guide us but not as fast as we want it to be because even truckers don’t want to let go of the traditional jobs that they have done so far.

If you want to run a successful business then one of the common mistakes you should avoid is tying up with the huge but unprofessional platform. You need to check and see whether the on-demand trucking app business startup business will be profitable or not. Here are some tips that would help you expand and grow your business faster.

Leverage the benefits of eCommerce

When you have a trucking business, you must lookout for the technology that is changing the face of the industry. It is very much important for you to generate varied income sources through web and mobile app platforms. The main Uber for Trucks and Logistics App is generating a lot of business because of its great features and simplicity. You can expand your business by leveraging eCommerce websites such as Jeff Bezos’s Amazon and Alibaba Express.

Tracking Real-time

With the digitization in the world of business, a lot of changes take place. Time plays a major role in the field of business. Hence, making the delivery on time is a task that depends on the success or failure of any company. It is important that whatever is planned should be done with the utmost degree of attention and care to keep up with time. There are different types of tasks related to trucks that need to be performed by every section and these tasks can only be tracked using a specific device like an application. That’s why the Uber for Trucks and Logistics App is designed for.

The “Track and manage” application of on-demand trucking app development gives the ability to monitor the tasks that are going on in the business. This app uses tracking software which provides real-time updates regarding the location, time and routes of the vehicle carrying freight. Along with a timestamp of each task, the app gives information about when it was on-loaded or off-loaded from a truck, and which way it’s going to be delivered to the final destination.

  • Because of the tracker, drivers are unable to lie.
  • Misunderstanding of the business-driver-consumer relationship
  • Payments and commissions are not deceptive. 
  • There will be no freight brokers or middlemen held liable for the job. 
  • There will be no stealing or misplacing of corporate resources or deliveries from warehouses.
Productivity and Efficiency Growth

The white label trucking app solution will take your business to the next level. It only takes one month for you to streamline all the technical and non-technical hurdles of the application and then reap all fruitful outputs. The app provides your business with features that lead to efficiency in freighting, tracking, communicating and booking.

Not only is the status of all carriers updated and displayed but also, your business gets a chance to reach all of them through the sound cloud channel feature. Also, you get to receive first-hand information about tracking details and send alerts that can keep your data secure from online attacks.

Avoid Manual Work

The Uber for logistics app development services is designed to make your life easier no matter what business you’re in. With the white label trucking app solution, all the tedious tasks of managing an ever-changing schedule, and arranging routes and transportation for your workers are made easy. Track your fleet on the go and stay in contact with your drivers and vendors with our software which will give you a detailed report of all the deliveries so that you can review them at any given time.

If you are a business owner of the transport and logistics industry, and already utilizing Uber for Trucks and Logistics App or looking to implement this system you must be probably aware that it provides several beneficial features like driver’s log-in timings, a simple online invoice maker, do driver’s payment on time, etc.


Geofencing is a useful feature of trucking business apps that automates the dispatch process, improving accuracy and cutting down on time.

A geofence is simply a boundary around a certain spot. As a result, anytime a truck enters the perimeter, the solution verifies the appointment automatically.

It also allows the organization to track the delivery process in real-time. It also prevents any vehicle from being moved without permission.

Invoice Generations and Free Payments

When you run a business, you have a lot of documents and books to keep track of as the year’s pass. It causes a lot of trouble if a small detail such as quantity, shipment payment, or transportation items is left blank. However, by integrating a payment channel within your Uber freight app, you’ll be able to fill out details in seconds and keep track of graded shippers and their cargo over time.

We design a white label trucking app solution to provide all clients with strong cloud-stored data and information in one single location with maximum security and without complaints. 

We create cloud-CRM that can increase your ROI by up to 245 per cent if it’s integrated properly with your business solution.

Benefits of Uber for Trucks and Logistics App

Eliminate Brokerage

Depending on intermediaries or brokers, who take full advantage of the situation as is customary. Because you aren’t working directly with the carriers, the process is more complicated and time-consuming. The middlemen are usually paid a commission to set up the workflow properly and complete it on time. As a result, collection and offloading times are dictated by him, making the logistics industry a slave to the freight broker and freight brokerage.

So, selling your services with an app is quite a good solution and eliminating the need for unnecessary freight brokerage? All the essentials are automated, people have more time to attend meetings and meet new people for the job. Shippers can also demonstrate how your application works, ensuring that shippers’ items and data are safe and that payments are made when they are due. The taxes issue is a severe one, but it is also addressed by the Uber for logistics app, which allows for greater flexibility in daily operations.

On-time Scheduling and Delivery

Deliveries need to be fast in case of business, the dispatcher, the end client waiting for the delivery, or anybody else. It is difficult to attract and hold the attention of drivers, as well as track their daily tasks, without a white label trucking app solution. One of the reasons you need to go for Uber for logistics app development is this. People will be able to simply track and schedule trucks/trailers, run a dispatch programe, plan routes, and hire the best applicant for the position.

Shipper Benefits

With the help of the Uber for Trucks and Logistics App, shippers can happily make secure payments. Every shipper receives a receipt that includes all of the service costs’ data. This eliminates all ambiguity and questions among the shippers.

Ratings and Reviews

Uber for logistics app development is the best solution that allows all users to leave reviews and ratings. It allows them to directly express their opinions with the services via the app. 

Ratings and reviews are also valuable since they allow service providers to correct errors and improve their service quality.

There are plenty of prospects if you can identify your speciality in the enormous transport trucking sector. As the globe moves towards online purchasing, everyone is looking at the industry, from eCommerce companies to individual brands. You may have gained some real-time insights into the benefits of application development for your service stations and orders after reading this article. Shamlatech Solutions will help you in delivering the best White-label Uber for Trucks solution to get you granted.

Starting your own trucking business is the best choice you can make. If you are looking forward to making it big, then White-label Uber for Trucks and Logistics is the way to go. With Uber for logistics app, you can easily connect drivers with shippers. As a carrier, make your presence felt by signing up with popular channels and getting great results for your business.

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