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Uber Clone

Check out the smart features in uber clone app to power out your business!

Uber clone app is the latest business trend around the globe. With the upsurge of handy technologies, the evolution of the cab booking industry is also swift. Its service has become compelling across many nations today. Many businesses are trying to manipulate their share in the growing market by flaunting ride-aiding services with the Uber clone app.  

Undeniably, the enormity of corporate companies using taxi services has increased to peaks in a short period of time giving rise to Uber clone apps. Are you ambitious to uplift your venture in a successful way like Uber?  Then get ready to develop intuitive taxi app development and readymade apps to reach the upcoming trends.


It would be a nightmare for the entrepreneurs who would like to kick-start a taxi venture in the fast-moving world without Uber like clone taxi apps. But now with new concepts of technological advancements, they have come to an extent to hold on to space for them to run the business by equipping with numerous Uber-like clone services for the people. These are now realized only because of mobile Uber like clone taxi apps. People struggling to travel in odd hours consider this as a boon.


There is a common misconception that mobile apps are avid for popular brands. However, the actual fact is that small and medium-sized businesses demand them more to attract more customers and be a step ahead of their competitors. They deserve an on-demand uber clone script to widen and reach out to people.

Major features provided in white-label uber clone app development are,

Book instant & Later Rides: The system processes on bookings made instantly or for later rides with taxi app development.

Social Media Integration: The passenger facilitates the user with social media identity for registration to login to your app.

In-app GPS: Tracking is the crucial feature in White-label Uber Clone App. The in-app navigation powered by Google allows the passengers and drivers to track the precise location and affirm their security during rides.

Encrypted Payment Gateways: Make use of the various payment gateway channels to facilitate secured transactions with Uber Clone App Development.

Promotional codes and Referrals: The passengers can avail special discounts on ride fares with promotional codes and referrals that promote the business which in turn gains more customers. 

Push and In-App Notifications: The push notifications in-app like uber will be of immense guidance in notifying the passengers about exclusive offers, promotions, and rides.

SOS: The option provides to send instant alerts or ask for help during any emergency making the ride more safe and secure.


  • Book instantly

The app allows customers to book the taxi service to travel from one destination to another at the instant moment. And they can find the nearest taxi drivers the same as in uber.

  • Book Later

Passengers can book a ride for a later to travel with the scheduling options in the app, and the taxi driver will arrive at the location at a specified time.

  • Notification

The Uber clone script is enabled to send the alert in the form of notification to the user to remind them of their scheduled trips or any updates.

  • Destination

On the taxi booking app, the passenger only has to enter the destination or multiple destinations on the map, and the driver can easily check and stop during the required stops without any hassle and the customer can be comfortable with his ride.

  • Book For Third Party

The customers can also book the ride for others as well as like their friends or relative. With this, customers can put the reference, and the driver can directly contact the particular person.

  • Favorite Destination

Like the uber app, the script allows riders to mark any of their frequently visited destinations as a favorite. With a single click, they can easily select the address they want to go to.

  • Payment

The rider can choose the most convenient payment to make payment: credit/debit card, e-payment apps, and also in cash. This allows riders to make payment of the ride easily and securely.

  • Trip History

The complete history of trips that are completed, upcoming, and canceled are listed for tracking. The list includes the pick-up and drop-off locations and price charged for the specified trip.

  • Driver Review

Uber Clone App facilitates riders to check the ratings, reviews, and feedbacks of all the drivers. These help to enjoy a better ride experience and also congratulate the driver for his service.


  • Accept Ride

Our Uber Clone App Development solution gives an opportunity to the driver to choose the ride whether they want to take or pass it to other drivers as per their situation and their work hours to make the decision.

  • Pickup Location

The driver doesn’t have to face obstacles to find the location as per the inbuilt GPS system helps to locate the destination seamlessly and reach on time.

  • Timings and location

The driver can set the working hours through the app and set offline mode when they at rest. The divers can also request the working location to make the service easier.

  • Location

A driver can know the drop location of the passenger without even asking him through the maps and he can drop the passenger on the location by following the directions for the shortest route.

  • Rider Review

The app features options for the drivers to post a review for the rider. Even, drivers are able to check all ratings or feedbacks given by him. An app like uber also allows its drivers to review rider with stars for future reference.

  • Trip History

Drivers can view all the records of completed and canceled trips. It is helpful for drivers to maintain the track of records of all the trips.

  • Earnings

The driver also gets the overall estimation for his earnings through the trips taken. This helps to have an idea about the income he gets.


  • Interactive Dashboard

The admin can manage all the rides, information about passenger and driver details from the admin dashboard. And the admin manages to get to know and track every service that is provided.

  • User Management

Admin manages all the activities of the driver and the customer. The app also monitors all the actions of the user and fulfills all the user requirements hassle-free.

  • Vehicle Management

It manages the vehicle requirement as per the availability, sets the priorities of the vehicles, and also assigns cars according to the number of passengers opting for a ride.

  • Information

The admin panel has all the details of the registered customers and drivers including name, address, and all the essential information.

  • Set Amount

Admin can decide the fare for the passenger and provide the estimation of the cost of avoiding the conflicts between driver and user. The admin can also charge extra during peak hours or for waiting and trip to remote areas.

  • Admin Reports

This option will help the administrator to check the total trips and earnings statistics for a period defined. 

White-label uber clone app development 

Uber-like clone Applications are the major demand than any other mobile app can hold. UberforXapp delivers mobile app solutions for both android and iOS with skillful and result-driven experts.  

We affirm long-term experience in Uber Clone App Development with the best features and functionalities and gratified customizing protocols.

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