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Uber for Handyman App

Must need features for your Uber For Handyman app!

Uber For Handyman app has been ranked as one of the favorite apps in various countries. In the digital world where all your essentials are at your doorstep, these kinds of household services have also got a wide range of audiences.  These apps provide you with great success in no time. 

Here are a few features that are a must for your app to be a smart one.

Find the nearest handyman 

This is a most important feature of an on-demand app for the handyman. No carpenter or plumber would travel miles for the job. Hence, it is necessary to allow app users to connect with service providers who are the nearest. Users should be able to easily connect with a number of helpers for household needs like carpenters, electrician, mechanic, plumber, cleaner, painters, and many more. A single app should have all sorts of handyman services that can reach you at the earliest.

Price estimation

Uber for Handyman App Development should provide complete transparency with the users. Customers will not return if they get to know the hidden charges for the repairs or cleaning services later on. They should be able to get the estimation such as service charges, and cancellation charges before they choose to hire. Think of all the aspects a user can require when he needs to get an Uber For Handyman Services App and offer the features to simplify and ease the process of hiring the service providers. Make your On-Demand Handyman App stand out from the other apps by offering something unique to the users and service providers.

Multiple Payment Methods

If you create an app like Handyman App Like Ube for home services, you should provide multiple payment methods to the users. Think of various payment methods that offer great convenience to the customers. Every customer should be able to make payments with their desired payment option like cards, money transfer apps, and even cash. If you provide just one payment method, it may become a drawback and led to customers to move on to others and you will be able to pull only a few customers then. Provide your customer with the most comfortable ways to get the services.

Live Tracking/Geolocation

This unique feature enables users to track the handyman in real-time. Once the handyman accepts the job, the user can track the location of the professional and know how much time it will take to reach the location. The service provider can also get to know the place he has to reach easily.

Referral Programs

App Like Uber For Handyman can provide referral bonuses and discounts to make users should stick to the provider for on-demand services. Sending promo codes and periodic offers to the users can be a great way to attract them for repeated business. Using push notifications to notify the users about the special offers draws more users to your app.

Schedule appointments

The users should be able to make the bookings instantly and also have the facility to schedule the appointments as per their convenience. Some customers may expect immediate help whereas some others may prefer to call the handyman at a later time or date. Offer an option to make bookings in advance and schedule it for a convenient time. This attracts more users than you think.

If you’re looking for the best On-demand Handyman App Script look no further than the Uberforxapp. We are an experienced team of developers helping you get your own app best suitable for your business irrespective of the size. Get your app customized as per your needs to boost up your income. 

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