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ola like apps

Premium Ola Like Apps to enter the on-demand taxi market!

You might have heard about ola, if you have been in the taxi booking business space over some years. Yes! It is one of the ride-hailing giants of the industry that has renovated the entire world of taxi booking. Ola like apps have come up as the best taxi booking apps as of now. They help us gain a competitive edge in our taxi business operations right by automating all our business processes. They give online access to the users with an intention to make the process of taxi booking simple and convenient than ever. Thus, they are reported to offer the convenience the users deserve when it comes to booking a taxi for a journey.

The conventional taxi booking ventures have started taking advantage over the online taxi booking apps like ola right to have enhanced order bookings, revenue and user base. Here is how the ola like apps find their significance in the taxi booking space.

If you want to offer your customers the ease of booking taxis thereby finding ways to fuel up your business, then this blog might interest you further. Come; let’s keep in pace with the concept….

How the taxi dispatch apps entered the market?

Once upon a time, the traditional taxi services are the one and only options for people to book for taxis. But now the ola like apps facilitate the ease of booking taxis thus making the entire process of taxi booking simple, efficient, cost-efficient and time saving. 

Well; do you have any idea on how these apps had put their entry into the market at first? Yes! It was just an idea formulated on a piece of paper at the start and it got evolved as an innovative business model right with their implementation in the year 2008. 

So, what possibly might have taken these apps towards a skyrocketing success phase? Could you have any idea? Just think about it…

Yes! It is none other than the customer-centric approach that has taken forward these apps towards greater heights ever. 

What is the need for having On-Demand Ola Clone Script?

With the rise in growth and demand for the taxi booking apps like ola, their value/worth and scope simultaneously as well keeps on increasing every single day in the international taxi market. 

With this trend in place, a lot of entrepreneurs prefer going out for the white-label ola clone development to satisfy their varying business demands at the right time with no hassles. Here is where the need for on-demand ola clone scripts come in as they provide all the features and functionalities necessary to build their own ola like app in no time.

It quite demands a lot of money and time to be invested in, when it comes to developing a ola like app from scratch. But with the adoption of a ola clone taxi app script, it is very much easier, convenient and cost-effective to build your own app like ola with free of hassles.

The scripts are 100% customizable and come out with advanced features right to make your app – an everlasting one in the market.

Features of on-demand ola clone scripts:

fola like apps


  1. For the customers:

Login: The users of the ola like apps are provided with multiple login options with the logins facilitated either via the contact or email or social media or so on.

Taxi order scheduling: The registered customers are allowed to book taxis in the app by placing their orders; The orders can be placed as well for future rides, if in case the customer wants to book in prior to taking the ride.

Booking cancellation: The customers can cancel their previous order bookings if and when necessary.

Order tracking: The customers can track the status and location of the orders and the respective drivers right at any point of time. This helps them get into the ETA (expected time of arrival) of the cabs at their preferred pick-up points to take up the ride.

Fare estimation: 

The app provides the customers with the total fare details of a booked order just before taking the ride itself, so that they can check for the affordability range. 

Pay-out choices:

The customers can have a variety of payment preferences (cash or card payments – credit/ debit, PayPal, mobile or net banking and so on) in the app right to make payments for the rides undertaken.

In-app chat / call:

The customers can make use of the in-app call or chat facility to contact and communicate with the drivers at the times of need.

  1. For the admin:
  • User verification checks: These are done from the admin side by verifying the user documents at the time of registration.
  • Process and revenue management: the admin holds the responsibility of managing the overall app’s functionality and earnings every now and then; should keep track of the records as well in real-time.
  • Offers/promos: need to be ideologized and offered from the admin side to attract the customers and to gain their trust.
  1. For the drivers:
  • Dashboard: The drivers can have all their profile and trip related information in one place which is none other then the dashboards. Efficient dashboard maintenance involves updating the details like their licences, overall earnings and order history and so on.
  • Alerts: The drivers will get trip notifications when a particular riding request gets raised from the customers side. The drivers can either accept/ acknowledge or cancel the rides based upon their availability and convenience.
  • Route navigation: The drivers get navigated to the correct routes that help them reach out to the customer’s desired destination on time. This feature lets them find out the shortest routes as much as possible by optimizing out all the available routes. 

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