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lyft clone app development


Ride-hailing apps are the talk of the town today since people are feeling tired of the inconvenient and expensive public transportation modes operating out there in the city. Hence it is the right time to bestow them with an on-demand ride hailing lyft clone app development possibly to initiate their cost-effective cum efficient rides. 

What actually is lyft?

Lyft is one of the top ride-hailing giants of the industry and it stands next to uber in the list. With the rise in demand for ride sharing apps, people are increasingly going out for the adoption of lyft clones that help them rule the entire world of transportation in no time. 

Why there comes a need for lyft clone app development?

Gone are the days when people use the public transportation services or their own vehicles like cars or motorcycles to take their rides along. Now, hassle-free, convenient and secure rides are assured with the utilization of apps like lyft and this is why a lot of people has shifted their ride hailing towards booking appointments with the apps like lyft clones. Here is where the actual need for lyft clone app development comes in as it holds a greater potential in having enormous rides altogether with enhanced profit. 

Are you quite wondering! Come, let’s dig deeper into the concept further…

What makes lyft as the best ride-hailing app of all the time?

Lyft opens up the room for convenience in making rides. The business model lyft is somewhat unique that aids us in beating the overall market competition that exists, thus paving way for getting a huge revenue and success. As of the previous year (2020), it was observed that the total user base of lyft had crossed around some 21 million and it is predicted to expand further with a lot of scope. While looking into its growth rate, it has been evidencing a steady growth till now right after its evolution into the market in the year 2012.

As per the present scenario, lyft has stood up as the top player of the industry holding a total market share of around 35%. 

Who can go with lyft clone app development?

lyft clone app development

Whether you are a newbie entrepreneur looking to enter the on-demand space or you want to take your ride hailing venture online in no time, you can straight go for your lyft clone app development. 

Features to be integrated on to a lyft clone app:

  • Order booking: The customers are pleased to place their riding requests in the lyft clone apps in a hassle-free manner.
  • Prior bookings: If in case the customer wants to book in prior for his upcoming ride, then he can make use of this extensive ‘schedule bookings’ option available in the app.
  • Order tracking: Once after a riding request is being raised from the customers’ side, the driver who is feeling comfortable with taking that ride can accept the request and confirm it. Then he started moving towards the customers’ prick up destination so as to initiate the ride. In the meantime, the customers can track the location of the drivers at any instant in real time via this attractive feature. This is usually made happen right via the automated map view generated to facilitate the customers’ with being aware of the respective drivers’ location.
  • Ride history: This feature helps the customers in having access over the previous rides taken in the app and their appropriate information like the type / nature of the ride, status of the ride (pursued or cancelled), date and time with which the ride was getting initiated, name of the driver who had taken out the ride, pickup / drop points of the ride and the fare details of the ride and so on. Thus, the customers can keep track of all the necessary details of his previous rides in the app.
  • Driver report: This feature is exclusively for the drivers to track their behavioural summary in taking out the rides.
  • Route navigation: This helps the drivers in getting done with the eaxact routes that help him reach out to the customers’ desired locations in no time.
  • Heat maps: It signifies the location having the huge demand for riding so that the drivers can concentrate on those on-demand areas to ensure getting huge number of ride requests and stunning profits ever.
  • Wallets: Each and every user of the lyft clone app is provided with mobile wallet to help store the funds needed to pay for the services opted out in the app. The customers can make payments online right by transferring the funds from their mobile wallets, thus ensuring convenience in making payments.
  • Payment options: the app offers the customers a wide variety of payment gateways to facilitate the users with the required level of comfort they deserve when it comes to making payments. So, what would be the big deal! The customers can make payments either via cash / card (credit/debit) modes or any other online payment modes like paypal, paytm or skrill or so on.
  • Fare estimation: the customers can get the calculated fare rates for the rides they booked in the app just in prior to taking the ride. This means that they are made aware of the fare just before getting into the rides so that they can confirm their affordability. If in case, they feel that the cost seems to be out of their affordability ranges, then they can feel free to cancel out the rides if needed.
  • IOS panic: The app comes out with an IOS panic button to help the users in cases of emergencies. This is a form of care or support provided by the app to its users thus confirming the users’ safety. It adds credibility to the app as most of the users today prefer this feature to be incorporated on to the app as a sign of security.

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