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careem clone app


Pioneering careem clone app are coming up your way to renovate the entire on-demand transportation world!

Careem clones are the high-performing taxi app business models that come with latest cum advanced technologies ever to take your business to the new heights. Careem belonging to the united Arab countries is one of the top taxi booking software applications available in the on-demand space right now. It can help you disrupt the global taxi market right with its robust features and awesome functionalities.

So, by building your own on-demand taxi booking app like careem in the market, I am sure that you could make your brand get into an all-rounded image, thus resulting in the generation of huge profit. 

Well; how cum you build your careem like app?

Is it the right way to build it from scratch? No, obviously not. Adoption of a careem clone right from any one of the reputed careem clone app development service provider like us can help you launch your app instantly at a low cost. On the whole, it is somewhat better than going out for developing the app from scratch, because it is an easy, advanced and time/cost consuming process.

Let’s have a glimpse on what careem is all about:

Careem is an on-demand taxi app like uber based out of Saudi Arabia. It has its market right in around some 14 different countries (100 cities approx) of the world and those countries mainly cover southern part of Asia, Africa and middle east nations. 

Irrespective of how competitive the market is, careem has build its own strong and unique image right with its robust business model, its proven working strategy, and its revenue generating potential.

It is just pretty much easy to start up your own on-demand careem like app with our white-label careem clone app development, as our white-label careem clone scripts hold all the necessary modules to kick start the on-demand business at the right time with no hassles.

Here are the must-have features of a careem clone app:

careem clone app

The following are some of the crucial features to be incorporated on to the app to make it a reliable, customer-centric and successful one:

  • Login: Signing in to the app is the first step with which the users can get into the services rendered by the app. So, the logins should be facilitated with a variety of options like social media logins or email logins or some others.
  • Profile settings: The users of the app are allowed to set up their own profiles right by giving some basic information about themselves via this extensive feature.
  • Fare management: Manging the fares right from the admin side is done using this feature. The admin holds the complete right to change and make updates on the fares if needed. At times of demand, surge fee can be imposed which as well can be changed accordingly with this feature.
  • Instant order booking: the customers want to avail the facility of making instant bookings right in the app to step up their journey in cases of emergencies.
  • Order cancellations: Upon having some valid reasons, the customers can be allowed to cancel the rides that they have booked in prior. Even if they don’t have a valid reason but still wanna cancel a ride, then they can pay the appropriate cancellation charges to go with their cancellation procedures.
  • Language support: The app facilitates the users to book for the services right in a variety of languages listed out. By the way, the users can enjoy the extensive multi-language support offered to avoid the language constraints.
  • Status check slider: It helps the drivers depict their status of availability inclusive of the time and mode so as to make the customers aware of it and plan accordingly.
  • Live geo-tracking: Both the customers and the riding service providers can check for the locations of each other via this feature in real-time as and when required.
  • Chat: If in case a driver’s contact number gets masked for some safety reasons, the customers can contact and communicate with him via this chat option.
  • Alerts: The users will be notified with some alerts in the form of push messages regarding the ride status, once a particular ride gets confirmed both on the customers’ and on the drivers’ side.
  • Invoices: Bills are generated upon completion of every riding order in the app so as to facilitate the users with the payment rates for the services opted out. The invoices will have all the details of the rides like the customer’s name, ride type, riding points (both pick-up and drop), overall distance covered during the ride (in kms), and estimated fare and so on.
  • Payment support: The app provides the customers with multiple pay out options (cash/ credit/ debit/ PayPal, etc) so as to facilitate convenience and comfort in making the service payments.
  • Reviews: The customers can either rate the drivers and their service experiences or the drivers can rate their riding experiences right by posting their valuable reviews here.

How we are going to help you out?

Yes! You can just craft all your requirements and send them to us. We, as a leading on-demand careem clone script solutions provider in the industry will take the responsibility of implementing all your dreams come true in the app development. We analyse the technological needs of your business as well to come out with meeting all your technology demands. 

We have a huge technical cross functional team to check for the app’s efficiency and responsiveness so that you could be able to get done with the app you want from our side. We ensure high-quality scripts integrated for the app and you just don’t need to worry about it. The only thing that you should do from your side is just give us a call back! We are glad to hear from you for careem clone app development.

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