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Uber clone app development


In the olden days, calling out for a taxi from the physical taxi servicing providers seems to be a hazardous task as it requires a lot of time and effort to invest in. But now the case is totally changed right with the introduction of virtual uber clone app development. Yes! Uber has introduced its on-demand business model uber for taxi just to ease out the process of taxi booking. 

It has simplified the way the customers book taxis for their personal or professional requirements, thus ensuring a seamless customer experience for the app. Thus, Uber’s services in the field of taxi servicing have revolutionized the entire transportation industry and this is made possible because of its stunning cum customizable features.

Like many new creations or innovations being rejected by the world at first, Uber’s taxi business model was also conceived to be out of need. But as time passes away, people had started to analyse its fullest potential and the benefits and advantages that offers to the users. By the way, it has now made a strong cum long-lasting image in the taxi business sector. No other app could beat or surpass the service of uber anymore. The affordability of uber has made it a needy app among the customers side of all the time.

Uber is the first online taxi booking app that has come up to meet the taxi booking needs of the customers. Going forward, it has expanded its reach wide across a variety of countries all over the world with a large user base. With this, uber is now considered as the ride-hailing giant of the industry. Being impressed by the success of uber in the online taxi booking sector, more and more entrepreneurs have been stepping up everyday towards the development of their own taxi app like uber. Here is where the uber clones enter the scene with a great demand in the market. 

The uber clone apps can be developed right from the on-demand uber clone scripts that help us with all the features, functionalities and modules necessary to build a viable app like uber for taxi of our choice. The scripts come up with advanced customization options so that we can customize the apps to the extent that we wish. 

Excellence of uber in the taxi servicing space so far:

Uber is reported to be the top selling ride-hailing app of the US business market. If we come across a statistic revealing the rise in growth of uber’s user base in the on-demand industry, we could observe the following data:


            Year Active users count 
2015 207.38 million
2016 272.68 million
2017 338.0 million
2018 399.09 million
2019 453.42 million
2020 500.17 million
2021 539.49 million


As per the above findings, we could see that the user base of uber keeps on rising every year and there are no pitfalls. So, think about how worth it will be starting out a business like uber for online taxi booking…

Where to buy the best on-demand uber clone scripts and what are all the features to be kept in mind?

Uber Clone App Development


Hope, you might have understood what is uber’s taxi booking business model and how much scope it holds in terms of the rise in user base, market worth and the profit generation. On the whole, it is quite simple, safe and advantageous for any customer to book for a taxi in the uber like app. This is the reason why the uber clone app development has gained a huge traction in the recent past. 

So, do you wanna adopt a top selling uber like taxi app solution, then you are certainly at the right place. Yes, we at uberforxapp are providing white label uber clone apps to help you launch your business instantly on the go with ease and that too with all the ready-made uber clone app development features integrated. The list of features are as follows:

  • Login: The users can register themselves in the app and make logins so as to avail the services rendered by the app.
  • Profile: the users (both the customers and the taxi drivers) are supposed to set up their own profiles in the app and to manage them effectively to hold to the app’s benefits in a long run.
  • Easy order scheduling: The uber clone apps provide easier taxi booking right with its simple and user-friendly interface. The orders can be made either for that instance or for later based on their users’ choices or preferences and convenience.
  • Order history: The history makes the users stay in touch with the list of previous and ongoing orders made in the app.
  • Geo-location tracking: Live geo tracking is one of the amazing features that helps the customers out in tracking the location of the booked taxis or the service partners right at ease. It notifies the users with all the updates in regards to the status of taxis in real-time.
  • Fare estimation: This feature helps the customers in getting out to the exact fare details just in prior to taking the ride. This means that the users can have access over the fare right at the time of making orders itself so that they can check for their affordability.
  • Order cancellations: The users are free to cancel the orders they booked at any instant with some reasons. 
  • Wallets: Every individual user of the app is allowed to have a unique wallet for his/her account right to store some amount of digital money so as to make payments further. Transfer of payments from the wallets is applicable with uber clones.
  • Pay-out: the customers can make digitized payments for the services opted out in the app which might be either via any one of the payment choices like cash or card (credit/debit) or online wallet payments or some other convenient modes.
  • IOS Panic: the users can have this feature right in case of emergencies when they feel panic.

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