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Easy taxi app clone

Easy taxi app clone to help rule the on-demand taxi market!

Mobile apps play a crucial role in our day to day lives. Right from ordering the food and cleaning the clothes (laundry) to taking out a taxi for ride, we rely on the service of mobile apps. Here is where their significance is noted. 

It is pretty much clear that a lot of people today have any one of the leading taxi booking apps downloaded and saved in their mobile devices. It shows the familiarity and the demand that the taxi apps hold in the market in terms of their valuable cum cost-effective service.

So, what actually is a taxi booking app?

A taxi app is an on-demand solution available for the customers to book taxi online instantly on the go with ease. Just a single click or one or two taps in the app itself is more than enough to go with booking out a taxi for a scheduled ride. The app provides the complete comfort that the customers wish to get for, when it comes to ride booking.

A glimpse on easy taxi app:

Easy taxi app is one of the top-tier applications available as of now in the transportation sector. It is an e-hailing app that helps the customers in taking out a comfortable ride ever. It just unites the customers (riders) and the drivers in one single platform to initiate simple, safe, secure and convenient rides. 

Its user base has come across a total of 17 million active users all across the globe altogether with 400,000 driver connects. Besides, it has extended its business wings right across 30 different countries of the world.

What could an easy taxi app script provide you?

The easy taxi clone app scripts offer the complete solution for your taxi dispatch business. It helps reinventing your business right in your preferred location or area. It is equipped with robust and advanced features and it is a pre-developed and pre-tested one readily available to make your launch at any instant. The best part of the script is that it is very much affordable but efficient in terms of its functionalities. 

How the easy taxi app clones work?

The easy taxi app clones are the quality-centric taxi business models. Their working procedure is quite different than their market counterparts. Unlike the other leading taxi dispatch systems like ola and uber, the easy taxi app clones never allow the customers to raise ride requests directly in the app. Instead, it demands the customers to initiate making a call just before raising up the request. 

In the call, they need to verify some of their basic information like name, contact and email so as to go forward with requesting for a ride. Once the verification process is complete, then the support assistant who have taken up or attended the call will confirm the status of taxis like their availability and the driver status (online or offline) and so on. 

Features of an on-demand easy taxi clone script:

easy taxi app clone

Friendly UI: This makes the app appealing and responsive enough to offer a smooth access to the users, thus resulting in achieving a better customer experience; the loading time is very small as well and that too support the app’s faster access.

Ride scheduling: The customers can schedule rides of their choice at any point of time in the app right by utilizing this feature.

Book for later/book for others: This option helps the customers in making ride bookings for the future rides before itself or for the sake of others.

Ride history: The customers and the drivers can get to know about the history of all the previously booked and cancelled rides, their details and the statuses right via this feature. 

Built-in GPS: This in-built GPS tracker facilitates location tracking with which the customers can track the location of the drivers in real-time.

ETA: Estimated time of arrival allows the customers to have updates about when the driver will exactly arrive at their pick-up locations right to start up taking the ride.

Maps: They help the drivers in getting the exact route with which he needs to pursue the ride to reach out promptly to the customers’ preferred drop location on time with no hassles.

Payment gateways: The app integrates a variety of payment gateways to make payments either in the online or the offline mode as per the users’ comfort.

Multi-language support: The app is free of language constraints so that users from different language backgrounds can make use of the its services right at ease.

Pop-up: This facilitates the customers in receiving instant updates about the trip details of the booked orders in the form of alerts or notifications. 

Offers: The app provides the users with some exciting offers or promos (promotional codes) as way of getting their trust and attention. 

Support: The app has an extensive support team that provides support to the users on a 24*7 basis. They can get solved with their queries instantly at any time possibly without hassles.

Final words:

An easy taxi clone app is a turnkey business solution that holds everything needed to build up a successful taxi venture. It extends its compatibility towards both IOS and Android mobile versions so as to attract more users. 

Thus, the easy taxi clone app solutions and the business model might interest you in generating stunning profit for sure. So, never ever miss out the opportunity that has been coming up your way. Grab it and make your taxi business skyrocket in the market with us (

We provide white-label on-demand easy taxi clone scripts that can help your build your own easy taxi like app instantly in the market at ease. Also, our scripts ensure 100% customization to meet your business demands at the right time. The script is multi-tested and 100% bug free to use. 

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