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bolt like apps


Some of the online mobile apps are meant for providing multiple transportation options under one single marketplace. A bolt like apps is the one among them that offers the customers with two-wheeler (e-scooter) and taxi booking together in one single application. It just focuses on the growth side of the international taxi market right by making some innovations every now and then both in terms of its features and functionalities.

Scope of bolt like apps: 

Taxis are the basic modes of transportation with which people can go for a complete, convenient, affordable and safer ride ever. In most of the metropolitan cities of the country like bangalore and Chennai, people often take out rides to travel right from one place to other in the same city itself. Hence there comes a lot of demand every single day for taxi servicing in the business space. 

When people wanna book for taxis, there might be a lot of issues appropriate to taking out the conventional taxi servicing as it is lack of some aspects that the online taxi services tremendously offer to its customers. Here is where the potential of online taxi booking apps like bolt is analyzed. Bolt like apps has outpaced the way the traditional taxis operate with its custom and advanced features. 

What actually is bolt?

Bolt is an online ride-hailing app based out of Estonia and is known for its another name Taxify. It was introduced with an intention to serve some millions and millions of customers worldwide, who are all in need of taking the on-demand taxi service. It allows people to have instant and cost-effective taxi adoption to go for a ride they wish. It has extended its business wings right across some 30 different countries and some 100 cities all across the globe. 

Taxify is the direct business competitor of the leading ride-hailing apps like uber and ola. Its total market worth is estimated as 1 billion US Dollars and to witness this fact, a recent survey has depicted that bolt has raised a revenue of something around 175 million US Dollars in the previous year.

Bolt app clones:

The bolt app clones are nothing but the on-demand solutions available for providing taxi services to the customers. These are the ready-to-go and the most successful business models available as of now in the transportation sector like uber, ola and lyft. 

The taxi businesses can straight away enhance their online presence and reach right with the adoption of a viable on-demand solution like the bolt app clone. These bolt app clones are highly customizable and white-labelled thus will make you launch your own app like bolt in the market instantly at ease.

Features of white-label bolt clone app:

bolt like apps

White label bolt clone apps have come up as the readymade solutions to automate or streamline the overall taxi business operations. It acts as a viable taxi dispatch system that facilitate the customers in hiring out an efficient taxi ride at a cos-effective cum reasonable budget. So, what are all the must-have features to be integrated in such a white-label bolt clone app? Come; let’s discuss in the following:

  • Analytics: This feature makes the app owners get into the advanced analytics for a certain period of time at ease thus helping them out in making major business decisions accordingly. This in turn paves way for avoiding the unnecessary losses that are about to raise in a taxi hailing business.
  • Verification checks: Here, the security verification processes are carried out right by checking out the documents uploaded by the service delivery partners (drivers). Upon the successful verification of the uploaded documents, the respective taxi drivers will be allowed to be the business partners of the app so that they can take extensive ride bookings as long as they wish.
  • Fleet management: This helps out the taxi owners in managing their vehicles and the appropriate drivers efficiently with no hassles. It quite involves managing the aspects such as booking schedules, ride times, and the associated ride payments and so on. 
  • Demand tracing: This feature helps in tracking out the zones or areas with the higher service demand, so that the drivers will be automatically redirected towards those on-demand zones right to ensure huge number of ride bookings in no time.
  • Location tracking: The in-built GPS facilitates the app users in tracking the location of the drivers at any instant in real-time. This in turn helps them in monitoring the live location and status of the riders at ease.
  • Call masking: Both the riders and the drivers are allowed to avail feature of call masking right to ensure security. By doing this, they can hide out their personal contact and only secure calls will be allowed at some given conditions. 
  • Geo fencing: This feature is exclusively for the admin to avoid taking out the rides from a specific geographical location, if any. This means that the admin can mark out a particular location in the app’s map as a sign of avoiding it, if they wish. If in case a customer from that marked location comes to booking a ride, the app will automatically reject it right by sending the appropriate notification to the customers.
  • Alerts: This is to make the users of the app aware of what actually is going on there in the app, which means that they are frequently notified with the status of the app right by sharing some exciting details like whether any on-going offers or promos available in the app; Instant notifications are sent to the users as the sign of witnessing the updates.
  • Chat and support: The users are provided with the in-app chat and 24*7 support right to communicate with other users (either the riders or the customers) and to get solved with the queries instantly in no time.

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