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Proven techniques to avoid COVID-19 drop with White-label UberEATS Clone Apps

The pandemic situation appears to disrupt the routines of almost every individual across the world. Industries are passing through a gloomy phase, a position they wouldn’t have imagined even in their nightmares. However, smartphones and the Internet are proving to be valuable assets in the modern lifestyle and busy work schedules. People have started to realize the comfort of doorstep deliveries over physical shopping/ordering. Among the very few sectors that have gained immense reception following the pandemic, white-label uberEATS Clone Apps are hiking up in income and popularity.

Restaurants are finding it difficult to reach out to their regular or new customers. With governments enforcing restrictions on dining areas, they are looking for alternatives. Food delivery platforms are definitely lending a helping hand to these restaurants. Food delivery apps like UberEats are experiencing a spike in restaurants and food order counts ever since the lockdown.

If you are a beginner or wishing to set foot into this food delivery industry, you cannot find an ideal time more than now. In this article, let’s look at specific strategies to help a White-label UberEATS Clone App tackle the coronavirus outbreak and gain instant traction among the masses.

It would be a nightmare for the entrepreneurs who would like to start a restaurant venture in the fast moving world without On-demand UberEATS Like Clone App Development. But now with new concepts of technological advancements, they have come to an extent to hold on to space for them to run the business by equipping with numerous services for the people. These are now realized only because of the White-label UberEATS Clone App. This acts as a gift for both travelers and drivers to easily get what they need.

If you wish to have your own promptitude in the food delivery business, check out how is White-label UberEATS Clone App beneficial for your business.

Find your restaurant: It is easy to find your favorite restaurant or try a new one using the app clone at your fingertips.

Eliminate Bargaining: The venture and the customer are both benefited from the required fare with White-label UberEATS Clone App. The apps also facilitate charging extra during rainy days or on-peak hours.

Work schedule: The restaurant and the food delivery personnel can choose his working hours to adjust accordingly and need not appeal to extra hours.

Transparency: You have the privilege to see through the funding and real-time track of the orders.

How is an on-demand uber clone script a must for the business?

Focus on building a positive brand value

While developing a food delivery app has become more convenient with the advent of clone app solutions, making an app successful takes a lot more from an entrepreneur’s side. Some of the strategies that can make an UberEATS Food Delivery App Clone successful include,

Personalization is the key: Providing restaurant suggestions based on user preferences can bring satisfaction to a customer that they have arrived at the right place. It is pointless to suggest non-veg cuisines to a vegetarian. The filtering options provide personalized content that can significantly enhance user experience.

Ensure seamless payments: Providing users various payment options including cash on delivery to choose from can gain their instant attention. Because some may prefer paying in cash, some pay for food orders through credit/debit cards, or even with net banking options. You can also get an extra mile of satisfying customers with an in-app wallet. Here users can pay for the orders with just a few taps on their mobile phones.

Instant updates are crucial: The real work of the best ubereats clone script begins once users place their orders. Allowing users to track the food order status in real-time can come in handy in enhancing reliability and super fast delivery. Besides, regular updates through push notifications along with the estimated time of arrival of orders can also do the trick.

Provide a variety of booking options: The range of users accessing the app is wide– some may prefer instant booking, while others may opt for scheduling options. A noticeable number of people may wish to reorder from order history. Providing users with these options during booking with the White-label UberEATS Clone App can scale user engagement rates significantly. Anyway, enabling advanced bookings and reorder features can also act as a great user retention strategy.

Documentation can be the game-changers: Having a data analyst by your side can help you create trends and stay competitive. Moreover, with Machine Learning algorithms, the food delivery platform can provide accurate delivery timings, best selling cuisines, etc., gaining trustworthiness and reliability.

Value your customers: As long as you can uphold customer satisfaction, you can enjoy consistent revenue. Hence, do not fail to provide seasonal promo codes and discounts to users. Of course, integrating a refer and earn option can be the perfect strategy. The word of mouth marketing can bring unimaginable success than any other type of promotional plans.

With these strategies, you can propel your White-label UberEATS Clone App to success in normal circumstances. However, in this pandemic situation, the need for safety standards is gaining attention. Making the necessary modifications in the food delivery script can ensure your success.

White-label Uber Clone:

There is a common misconception that mobile apps are avid for popular brands. But the actual fact is that small and new businesses need those more to be a step ahead of their competitors and to show their presence. They certainly demand an on-demand UberEATS Clone App to widen and reach out to people.

Major features provided in the White-label Uber Clone food delivery app are,

Order instantly

A best white-label ubereats clone apps allows users to take orders immediately and deliverer at the soonest.

Social Media Integration

The white-label UberEATS clone apps is associated with the social media and Google accounts of the users. This facilitates easy registration and login to the app.

In-app GPS

In the UberFood delivery Clone App, the in-app navigation powered by Google allows the customers and drivers to track the precise order status at ease.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The app also allows multiple payment gateways for easy and secure transactions.

Promotional codes and Referrals

The customers can avail of special offers on fares with promotional codes and seasonal referrals and thus gain more customers.

Push and In-App Notifications

The push notifications for white-label UberEATS Clone Apps Development will be of great help to notify the customers about exclusive offers and promotions.

Easy communication

The chatbots are direct calling or communicating features. This allows us to contact the customer, delivery person and the restaurant help easily in case of any queries or emergency.


Moreover, the uberEATS clone script should have the rating and reviewing options. The feature for the drivers and the admin help to ensure a better service experience to the customer.

White-label UberEATS Clone App

Develop intuitive on-demand UberEATS Clone App with shamla tech which is the urge for the upcoming trends. The white-label UberEATS Clone App Development Company delivers solutions for all Uber-like app development applications with skillful and result-driven experts to attract many customers. We affirm long-term experience in UberEATS Food Delivery App Clone with the best features. We also offer enhanced customizing options to top the online market. The expert developers here assure robust solutions for all systems including web, android, and ios smartphones to be easily usable for all.  

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