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White-Label Trucking App Solutions

Promising Scope Of White-Label Trucking App Solutions

It’s the time to streamline your business processes right with the white-label trucking app solutions of Uberforxapp!

We all know that Uber is one of the major industry players in the trucking and logistics business space as of now. Uber is primarily the brand intended for transportation. But, its service offerings have been extended for a variety of aspects including car, taxi, and freight booking (Uber for trucks), courier delivery (Uber for courier), laundry and dry cleaning (Uber for laundry), handyman services (Uber for handyman), food delivery (UberEATsS) and so on. 

E-commerce Giant Amazon wishes for collaboration with Uber’s trucking services:

As per recent news, we came to know that Amazon holds an idea to integrate uber for trucking applications in the near future. While getting into the news in a detailed way, it seems that the launch of the apps will be somewhere around the mid of 2017. This obviously stands out to be the hot news for the entrepreneurs who are indeed looking out to develop and launch their own Uber for trucks and logistics apps in the industry. 

Of course, this news has taken the entire transportation business economy by storm, as it is about to bring a lot of scopes additionally for the on-demand trucking app development. 

Thus it is now the right time for anyone to adopt white-label trucking app solutions from any of the trusted Uber for logistics app development companies like us. At Uberforxapp, we are always ready to aid you with the creation of the right Uber for logistics app that matches the best for your business needs and demands. 

We would make your business survive in the industry in the long run via our on-demand trucking app development services. In the meanwhile, you could approach us for demo apps to know more about our integrity and class of service, so that you could gain a better range of exposure to our enterprise-grade business solutions.

The credibility that our white-label uber for trucks apps holds:

The following are some of the benefits that our on-demand trucking app development will bring for your businesses:

  • Real-time location tracking: 

Our apps come up with a trendy location tracking feature, by which you will make your users track the exact location of trucks as and when needed in real-time. This feature helps out in defining the routes as well and track violations if any for the journeys. Through this feature, it is also possible for us to ensure our travel safety by setting up risk-free speed limits. 

  • GPS: 

The apps possess in-built GPS systems to help both the truck drivers and the customers in furnishing the necessary details about the tire pressure, the status of network coverage, engine and battery condition, and fuel utilization rates, and so on.

  • Geo-fencing: 

It comes as a handy feature when it comes to any type of on-demand trucking app development like uber. This implies nothing but a perimeter that covers a specific area or location through which the trucks use to pass by. 

Once a truck moves across that perimeter, the trucking appointment gets confirmed automatically in the app in no time. Thus this feature helps us automate all the trucking business prospects, thus paving way for perfect time management and improved accuracy.

  • Business enhancement: 

It is absolutely possible for you as an entrepreneur to expand your business operations shortly with no hassles. Creating an app like Uber for trucks is the best way to engage in-depth in your business enhancement strategies. 

Apart from business enhancement, you could be able to maintain the existing customers, retain the previous customers, and to gain some more new customers as well for your business. By the way, your business customer base will get enlarged further with ease.

  • Seamless business processing: 

Uber being a leading trucking business application in the on-demand trucking business economy, it stands beneficial for all – the community of business owners, shippers/drivers, and customers. The apps provide seamless functionality to the users by offering a digital channel link between the app owners and truck drivers.

  • Improved productivity and efficiency: 

When it comes to any business inclusive of uber for trucking, boosting up the efficiency and productivity levels is of utmost importance in driving the liquidity. Our uber for trucks and logistics apps are known for custom features and functionality upgrades, thus aiming to improve the overall business productivity rates ending up with huge profit returns upon the investments made.

How cum truck drivers get benefitted from our uber for logistics apps?

  • Getting instant service requests: 

Our white-label trucking app solutions come with a reliable driver app through which the drivers avail the ultimate benefits like receiving on-time requests regarding the customers’ pickups and drops. Upon receiving a trucking request, the drivers can either accept or reject the scheduled requests from the customers’ side as per his convenience.

  • Easier and convenient payments: 

Our apps replace the paper-based flow of aspects in a trucking business system right by offering speedy, secure cum easier payment facilities and that too in a risk-free manner. The automated app services include viewing the payment status, history of payments made in the app by the customers for the services rendered, and the status of previous service history. Besides, performance reports are also part of this section.

  • Payment security: 

Security is one vital aspect to be considered in any business transactions and the white-label uber for trucks apps are no more the exceptions here. Both the drivers and the customers can be able to make secure payments ever in the apps and can obtain the receipt for the respective payments made, thus ensuring the integrity and trust of the overall system.

  • Ratings: 

A flexible feedback system is available with our apps to offer the users the necessary freedom of posting ratings and reviews for the services opted out in the apps. 

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