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How beneficial is On-Demand Trucking App Development?

Even in this day and age of digital everything, some industries still struggle with bureaucracy. On-Demand Trucking App Development is one of them. When Uber Freight was launched in 2017, Uber repeatedly noted how cluttered the logistics business is: It takes a lot of time, effort, and phone calls/emails/faxes to arrange a single shipment and send it on its way.

The latest addition to the on-demand economy is the Uber for Trucks and Logistics App. With a simple mobile app, you can get to the trucks and drivers who help you to move your stuff. The service is also available for companies that can increase the efficiency of their supply chain and cut down logistics costs.

It’s a service that connects drivers to people in need of a ride. Its easy connectivity made Uber a revolutionary and global industry leader. And that simplicity is exactly what Truck rental App Development has brought to the logistics market.

The global logistics industry is about to reach $12,256 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 3.48%. Various on-demand trucking app businesses are certainly looking to tap into the industry and get a share of the market.

How White-label Uber for Trucks Works?

A Truck rental App Development business works almost on the same principle of an on-demand ride-hailing app. Shippers and companies use a mobile app to locate and book trucks according to their requirements. Carriers/vehicle owners/drivers receive orders through their app and accept bookings at upfront rates or via freight bidding marketplace model.

Here the company gains massive customers easily, the drive gets adequate trips and also the customer is benefited from seamless delivery.

On-Demand Trucking App Development 

White-label Uber for Trucks is a hassle-free way for shippers to transport their load using the fleet of Uber trucks. Above all, companies can book freight delivery using the app with access to transparent pricing and easy payment options. The system matches shippers to carriers intelligently and can settle on a quote based on market conditions and other factors. Moreover, the White-label Uber for Trucks allows tracking of the delivery process from loading to delivery.

With the help of the Uber for logistics app, the carrier–intermediary–shipper chain has lost the middle link. Carriers and shippers can also connect directly. This approach results in fewer errors and communication issues and cuts costs for both carriers and shippers. Additionally, Uber for logistics tremendously shortens the time required for those who need delivery services and those who can provide them to make a deal. It becomes a matter of just a couple taps on a Smartphone screen.


We at Shamla tech facilitate highly customizable On-Demand Trucking App Development solutions best suitable for your business. We equip the app with specialized and exclusive features that will make your app advanced and unique, easily attracting more audiences.

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