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On-Demand Trucking App


Just turn your business path towards profitability right with the adoption of white label trucking app solutions of a leading on-demand trucking app development company Shamla Tech!

The on-demand truck booking apps are about to transform the efficiency of the trucking industry to a better version ever, thus allowing the entrepreneurs to get good profit returns in their businesses. Uber for logistics apps come to address the complexities in relation to the empty truckloads, giving rise to the optimization of truck capacity utilization. 

How the uber freight contributes to Uber’s revenue?

Uber offered only the personal transportation facilities at the start, its services were found to be extended later on for trucking. Yes! now the revenue generated via Uber’s business model is not at all from the personal transportation itself; it is all about the trucking services as well.

While having a look at the analytics of the global trucking market, the total revenue generated via trucking as of the year 2017 is around 36 billion US Dollars. But right after the launch of uber freight (the trucking marketplace of uber) in the year 2017, the global trucking business revenue rates were about to hit around 796 billion US Dollars. How awesome it is! Really great right? Of course, such a rise in revenue may be primarily because of the introduction of uber freight it seems…

Following the trend, uber freight started to gain major traction in the trucking business space and it has now become one of the major players in the trucking industry with no denials. With this world-class popularity, Uber freight has created its own image distinctly among its competing crowd, thus standing as the best in the market in providing top-notch trucking services. 

The revenue model of uber freights includes the agent model where the revenues are generated consistently from the commission charges paid by the truckers and shippers upon the utilization of the apps. 

According to a recent study, almost a majority of shippers and truckers all across the globe are utilizing uber freight for their business trucking requirements. These witnesses the actual worth of the uber model in the trucking industry, and in my point of view, it is always worth investing your valuable money in the uber for logistics app development strategies to uplift your business standards towards greater heights ever.

One good news for the entire entrepreneurial community is that uber is going to spend some more million (approximately around 200 million) US Dollars for the expansion of its freight trucking service. It seems like an additional plus for us if we wanna kick start our venture with uber for logistics app development. 

How Uber freight benefits the shipping companies?

Shipping companies are always in need of freight brokers as middlemen to make them connect with the truck drivers for taking commission charges for the process. Such kind of middlemen services can be replaced possibly by uber freight, where the truckers are allowed to prefer their most desired jobs available on the list. 

Thus with the cutting middlemen services, the shipping companies can save some considerable amount of money when it comes to moving freights.

Need for mobile apps in the trucking economy:

‘’Uber – a prominent player of the trucking sector’’.

Offline business management is one such complex criterion to achieve 100% accuracy and efficiency. Even in today’s modern era, the transportation and logistics service-oriented businesses find it very much tough to handle their managemental aspects. To avoid this drawback, on-demand trucking apps like uber put their mass entry in the trucking space since a long time ago. 

The traditional offline trucking models demand a lot of effort and time to get done even with a single shipment. This is a practical issue concerning the truck bookers in case of making shipments with conventional models. Such an issue can be warded off completely from the system with the introduction of reliable trucking or logistics apps like uber freight. This is where the white-label uber for trucks find their significance in resolving disputes associated with the traditional trucking service types.

Uber for logistics apps can help us redefine the way the freight moving businesses work, thus bringing a positive disruption in terms of speed and efficiency. Yes! With the white label trucking app solutions, one can come up with a robust trucking app that accounts for the faster and easier movement of freight at the best rates ever.

How the uber for pickup trucks apps work?

Uber freight since its launch in the year 2016 is working right away in connecting truckers and shippers in one single online platform. It allows the freight brokers to stand between those truckers and shippers to get a commission of around 15% to 20% for each and every shipment done via the platform. This is how the on-demand trucking app business are going on and here is where the on-demand trucking app development comes into the scene.

Here is how you can develop an uber-like mobile app for trucking:

Uber for Trucks

The following are some of the vital steps to be carried out for an on-demand trucking app development:

  • Define the app type that you wish to create: 

Pick any one of the below plans to pursue your trucking business idea:

  1. Have to create a new app that will connect the shippers and the truckers.
  2. If you already have a business running up with trucking and you wanna streamline it for better profit, then go for the creation of a mobile app for your business enhancement.

Note: Uber freight will be very much applicable for the firstly said the scenario of creating a new app.

  • Get in touch with a professional uber-like app development firm:

Finding the right technology partner for your on-demand trucking app development is what that contributes the most for your business. Because this step only will let you come up with a highly functional app. So, you need to be very much careful with this step, as you always need the right talent and expertise here.

If you prefer us for your uber for logistics app development, then we are ready to offer you a mind-blowing app ever to create a stunning image for your brand in the transportation and logistics space. Also, we make sure that the developmental cost will never ever exceed your expectation limits. So, you could be able to build a responsive app with us at low budget.

  • Validate your app idea for its exact potential:

Once you have to get done with the selection of the right app development partner whose services fit the best for your business requirements, it’s now the time to validate the app idea. It involves an in-depth market analysis to check whether any correction needs to be made for making further results better. 

  • Plan for the features to be integrated into the app:
  1. Real-time tracking: This geo-tracking feature acts as a location tracker (GPS) that works right away in finding the location of the trucks, their respective routes, and some others with ease.
  2. Payment gateways: The integration of payment gateways in the app facilitates the user in making easier and convenient payments right from any location online. As a result of the payment transactions done in the app, the users will be getting appropriate payment receipts and invoices for future reference. Moreover, this feature allows the users to view their payment history reports at any point in time as they wish.
  3. Logistics scheduling: This feature accounts for the acceptance or rejection of a service by a user, and trucking order scheduling. This gives the users the comfort they wish to make trucking orders as per their busy work schedules, thus making them very flexible in scheduling orders. The users can even make orders right before some days or weeks or months themselves of their service adoption with this ultimate feature. 
  4. Route optimization: Planning and optimizing the routes are of much importance when it comes to any trucking app like uber. Because this only decides the efficiency of the trucking service as it deals promptly with the routes to which the orders will be getting delivered. 

Defining the routes can also help in the market data analysis of the website traffic and in overcoming the real-time hazards that are about to happen in a trucking service marketplace.

Final thoughts:

Even though the ride-hailing industry has been spending some billions of US Dollars for every quarter, it looks to grow better even more in trucking every single day. Thus, the logistics sector seems to have great futuristic growth potential with Uber. So, why don’t you think about starting your own on-demand trucking app business? Of course, it would really be a great idea to multiply your business capital in no time.

Being a leader in the on-demand trucking app development, shamla tech provides extensive white-label trucking app solutions to a wide range of global clients ranging right from startups and middle-level companies to large enterprises. Come and embrace them to meet your business goals at the right time.

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