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Uber for Handyman


Step into the world of on-demand handyman app of uberforxapp to boost up your business processes in no time!

Superior on-demand handyman apps to skyrocket the business market:

Planning to provide uber for handyman services in your business setup?

Here is where you can explore more about the home servicing handyman app like uber right from assembling the shelves to fixing leaky faucets in the kitchen/washroom.

What is all about Uber for handyman and what it can do for the customers?

Uber for handyman is one such kind of all-in-one app to get multiple handyman services for home improvement. Here, the term handyman service implies the collective duties or assistance in getting done with activities like plumbing, cleaning and repairing and so on.

Why uber for handyman services?

Nowadays in the fast-paced environment, people with their busy schedules always find it hard to maintain their home perfectly, as they don’t have time to accomplish everything in their to-do list every single day. Of course, it seems to be a big struggle and here is where the handyman services come in to shape up their home quite to keep them stay on track all the time with ease.

Uberforxapp – a premier technology partner in the uber for handyman app development space:

The following are some of the unique features to be integrated on to the on-demand handyman apps for better user experience:

  • Creative dashboard to connect the customers and the service providers
  • Customer app to manage the details of clientele
  • Driver app to manage the details of service providers
  • Admin panel to have control over the pre-dominant functioning of the app
  • A module to ensure compatibility with both IOS and Android devices for extensive and smooth access.
  • Digital billing system to ease up the process of making payments for the service utilities.

Are you a professional entrepreneur who wants to get the above said comprehensive features altogether in your app?

Then approach us today itself to confirm your acceptance with us. Yes! Building an app like uber for handyman is no more a worry for you, once you meet us. Also, if you embrace our on-demand handyman app script, then you would ultimately end up giving the best quality uber for handyman services to your customers with no regrets. 

Let’s have a quick connect with our expert professionals to initiate your project right away with us. 

All the best, thanks!

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