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How to build an app like uber from the scratch?

App like Uber : People living in Alpha cities like New York, Mumbai, London, or Dubai have 2 biggest vows: busy traffic and lack of parking space. Moved to crowed cities for work, they are less likely to buy cars and rather rely on ride hailing apps. The advantages of car rentals are many. They don’t have to worry about car repairs, parking space, routes and driving themselves in busy traffic.

For investors seeking a fresh and trending investment opportunity, investing in a taxi booking service is a great idea if they are not investing building an app like uber of their own.

Even with dominant players like Uber and ola in the market, hiring a car business is still a thriving one as long as you stick to a clear roadmap and learn from your competitors’ mistakes.

How to build a taxi booking app?

App Like UberDespite being on the top of private-hire car business for many years now, the top companies keep reviving its brand identity. 

Booking apps are booming everywhere. Mobile technology has made everything very simple and possible to run a whole business through just an app. But, the problem with these startups is such that there are already plenty of good ideas in the market. What is missing in the business is the uniqueness or a spark in the idea. Because of the rapidly advancing technology, there is a fair amount of possibility of your indigenous plan wooing plenty of customers in another corner of the world.

Upgrading your ides to the day’s trend is a must, be sure to use the White-label Uber Clone that is highly scalable.

If you consider the idea exploration worldwide, there are more than hundreds of taxis booking apps. But what has evolved over a period of time, is technology development on the booking front. Building an app from the scratch may consume a lot of time, money and manpower. In this situation getting an on-demand uber clone script will help you launch your own app in no time.

A complementary Uber Clone App Development can surely make end user’s booking experience easier; while at the same time ensure growth in client base. The White-label Uber Clone tracks your booking history and offers credit and cash booking options.

Extra features here might include driver location IDs and taxi tracking for those customers who are especially impatient. It must be ensured well in advance, that developing a mobile app like uber should yield feasible business goals. So, it is always advisable or maybe necessary to ask few of these questions and clear your doubts before launching a taxi mobile app.

  1. What is the advantage of developing this app? 
  2. Who are your actual competitors? 
  3. What are effectiveness, competitive strengths and weaknesses of your application?
  4. Is there enough audience to get your app? 
  5. Is the future quantifiable? What are the long-term or short-term goals of the app are? 

After this, take the most generic decision as to which way you plan to build an app like uber. You can either go for developing the app from the scratch or get a White-label Uber Clone App.

Once you select the desired way, the next step is to chart out the requirements. Generally, these requirements are then discussed with the app developers. The two crucial parameters must be followed all the time while listing out the requirements to the developers. This includes;

Inducing greater transparency: In order to create a reliable and user friendly taxi booking experience, it is essential to follow the fair pricing policy and maintaining the booking rates for all the app users.

Maintaining the customer-friendly pricing is very crucial to the success of taxi booking app and this must be integrated precisely to the app.

Speed and efficiency in hiring: There are many who are always in need of the taxi on urgent basis. While at the same time there are drivers who are idle and are looking for the customers. The symbiotic mechanism must provide a cohesive solution to easily connect both the parties involved.

Once the requirements are up, there are certain places where app must function effectively and also automatically to ensure the highest amount of customer satisfaction.

Few more points must be kept in mind while developing taxi app like uber. This includes;

The app must have an easy to use design which provides benefits to both passengers and drivers. Make sure that all the features are available easily to users by with simple yet effective UI. The application must be competent enough to be used on both android and iOS phones.

But whatever you choose, be clear that you implement right tools for developing a taxi app. 

Features for riders

Uber Clone App Development consists of three parts: Customer’s Application, Admin panel, and Driver’s Application.

The admin panel or the application mainly remains behind the processes whereas the other two are the direct means of providing your services to both customers and drivers. Here are some features you must have in your taxi app.

Fare calculator

Taxi booking services often have faced the criticism of increased pricing. To ensure that your service doesn’t have to face any kind of criticism, you must take some measures. Introducing Fare Calculator is one of them. Fare calculator helps the user to know earlier the pay estimation when they are about to book a cab.

These prices can also be change due to factors like high demand, rain, distance etc. However, it will provide a rough idea which will be very beneficial and easy to choose the ride for the customers.

Saved locations

It was found that most of the customers in Uber and ola were traveling through the same routes where the place of origin and destination is often repeated. So, White-label Uber Clone App included an option in which riders can save their destination and source. This feature helps passengers in a significant way as they don’t need to search for the destination every single time they book a cab.

ETA & status

Get the application that has the feature which allows you to share your trip status with your friends and family, assuring them that you have a safe trip and let them know where you are.

Family members and friends get notified a text with details such as drivers name, vehicle number, live location and estimated time of arrival.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways are one of the most crucial aspects of a cab app like uber. Make sure that service accepts payments through the desired mode of payment. Ensure you have cash payments, Wallet, third party apps, Debit & Credit card and Net Banking options available.

Extra stops

Rider sometimes needs to make multiple stops during the trip like dropping off a friend. So, you need to make sure that your service is easy enough that a traveler can make multiple stops if required.

Book for someone else

Of course, we can book for grandparents to reach our home easily. The feature helps those who can’t book a ride on their own. For such instances, on-demand uber clone script holds the feature in which you can book trips for others.

Features for drivers

Working on Driver’s feature is of course important as they are the backbone of your service.

Driver’s profile

This feature holds overall details of the driver. These details are its basic information, vehicles number, registration details and feedbacks.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking is the most important feature as it assists the driver to search customer’s location, drive through shortest routes, and reach the destination with the utmost accuracy and no delays.

Track earnings

The option lets the driver to track his earnings after a certain period. 

Choose your route

To make driver’s life easy you can also include the feature that allows the drivers to choose their most used paths or the routes he knows the best.


Uber Clone App Development

With more robust options like rating and feedback you can improve the app and scale it to reach a wider audience. We at uberforxapp help you bring out the best ever app that will suite your business the most. We also assist you to launch you app in no time with our completely customizable White-label Uber Clone app.

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